Happy Teachers’ Day

By Dr Qazi Arif

It was a usual weekday for me. Sitting in my out patient department (OPD) with the enthusiasm for treating surgical patients, I got my first patient an old gentleman, around 65years, bifocal spectacles, half sleeve shirt and black pant with a bag into his hand, through his wrinkled skin, I could see his experience of life. With the smiling face, he greeted me. I greeted him too and asked, “is everything alright?”
He said, “everything is ok but this leg pain…” his expression changed a bit. “These dilated vessels show their effects often” While telling this he lifted his pants up to knee, and I could see the elastic stockings around his leg. He removed it with his slow geriatric style. And it was really prominent, dilated elongated tortuous ugly looking veins along whole the length.
The very next question that came to my mind was whether he does any job asking him to stand for long time to which I got the expected answer he told in proud voice “I’m a retired school teacher” For a second, he forgot that he is in front doctor for his pain. I can’t forget the zeal which he showed while telling his profession.


I did the thorough examination and prescribed him, some painkiller and a duplex scan as an investigation which would suggest me where exactly the problem is. While I was writing the prescription, he was talking to me about a couple of his students who are at high designations.
One heavy dialogue he told, “its a proud moment for any teacher to see their students working on high positions”
I asked him last question “sir, which subject u used to teach?”
With loud voice he told, “I was an URDU teacher.”


After giving me blessing he left.It was a special meet, it was not the first time when I was seeing a teacher as my patient, but he was different for 2 reasons. He was a proud teacher secondly his varicose veins.
Varicose veins are a condition occurring in those who works for long in standing position. Due to blood flow against gravity, it gives ugly shape to the leg veins. This disease doesn’t develop overnight. It takes long years, hours of standing work, so much of dedication.


This photo doesnot belong to the teacher mentioned here

It took me some time to recollect myself, but his wrinkled face and heavy voice made a strong impression on my brain. Only thought that was revolving was he got varicose in return of his heavy work, and he is still proud to be a teacher. He has no complaints against his profession, which caused him this pain.
Why he was so proud to see us achieving high ranks?
What was his contribution in our job?
Today whatever I m practicing, I learnt from my MBBS lecturers then why he is taking credits for that?
As I was thinking about him only, next patient entered inside  and gave a break to my thought process.This time I had a 4 year old boy with 5% of burn injury on his thigh. This boy accidentally spilled hot water giving him some blebs. Last 1min before I could write on prescription paper, I was calculating the doses as per baby weight back in my mind. I wanted to make sure that baby gets optimum doses of medicine, and in no case it becomes either under dose or overdose.I realized unknowingly I am making so many calculations in my mind without a calculator, that too very quickly.


For a second, I remembered my math’s primary teacher scolding us for not memorizing tables.I continued my work thinking a lot of things back in my mind. I as a doctor do a lot of calculation. Lots of additions, fractions, ratios and algebraic equations, ratio proportions, %, etc. Can you imagine how easily a doctor divides the dose of a medicine for a patient of 24 kg who should receive 50mg/kg/day of a particular drug as 400 mg every 8 hours for 5 days. Thanks to math’s teacher who forced us learn all the tables, addition multiplication and all.
At the end of the OPD, I and my colleague were discussing about some operation, he told me all the history of the operation, how it was first done then how it modified then-new procedure replaced it. He was telling the whole story with such an interest that he was even telling me the years. I asked him with irritation “why to know all these things? Knowing about latest thing is enough”


he told, “my history teacher used to say, Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” I was spelled bound. I don’t know how many times my history teachings helped me from trapping in trouble. Thanks to our history teachers who taught us importance of history though many of us find it boring. After long hours of hectic government hospital OPD finally, it was time to go.
While going back to my room that varicose vein teacher was still in my mind. My thought machine was working with the speed of light, and I landed in a primary school, where we see toddlers with anxious faces. They constantly look at the door for their mothers but there would be a teacher with a chalk n duster in hands, making funny faces to attract kids to teach them “one round and a small line make a and round plus big line makes b, circle broken on the right side makes c.”


Whole day whatever we write is nothing but permutation and combinations of 26 alphabets taught by our school teachers. We never think of the efforts our school teachers put to teach A B C D when it was completely new for us.
By the time of lunch, I realized that I use so many concepts that I learned in school. Temperature, blood pressure, velocity, elasticity, solid liquid gas, calories, carbohydrate protein fat, and what not. Whatever I am using today is all learnt from my teachers.At the end of the day when I want to have some relaxation, I listen to some songs, watch movies, isn’t it what our Urdu/ language teachers created interest in? Poems, dramas, etc.


I make diagrams to demonstrate diseases for my patients, thanks to my drawing teacher.
Physical education teacher taught us basics of exercise and fitness.
Best writer someday was a good language student, a good orator back in date was under training of some teacher.
Stage daring, writing skills, reading skills, problem-solving ability and endless qualities we learnt under guidance of our teachers.So in short whatever we are today is all because of our teachers.
Truly said, A teacher is a fruit laden trees. It’s the responsibility for a student to take maximum advantages. Teachers have the very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children. And yeah accepting this challenge and successfully producing achievers really gives them great pride and joy. Not every child learns the same way, nor are they interested in the same things. Even so, teachers shape the career of every single student.


While reading this, I am sure everybody will correlate their profession and will find that whatever they know is all because of their teachers. And why not, teachers are designers of a good homeland who help us in making our mind for the true path in our life. As a student without our notice, our teachers recognize the problems we are facing and deal with it in both ways- individually and professionally. They train us to have an optimistic approach towards life.
Teachers are the most responsible and important members of society. Their professional efforts make the fate of the earth.


Good education and good teachers are the need of the generation.All the social evil can be easily eradicated if teachers decide to tackle them because they have the best opportunity to mould the brains of newer generation. If, at the school level, they nurture young kids in such a way that in future, they remain away from corruption, terrorism, racism, castism, drugs and sexual crimes, etc.
Ever thought what we are giving back to our teachers?
We are earning name, fame, money all because of them. They don’t expect anything from us, but it’s our responsibility to give them what they deserve the most, i.e. RESPECT. And I believe the best way to give them respect is by becoming an achiever, this is what they want us to be. They are doing their job well, now its our turn. Let’s become best doctor, best engineer, best businessman, best artist, best in any field we are working, so that our teachers will automatically become teachers of best students.


Let’s appreciate the contribution of our teachers because…
•They do work hard thats why we all are enjoying luxurious life.
•They scarify their family time for school and students that’s why nation is growing day by day.
•They suffer from profession-related diseases like varicose vein, chalk dust allergy, etc. that’s why we are doctors.
•They solve many of our problems that’s why we are good administrators.
•They shape our skills and talents that’s why we are artists.
•They lay down our foundation stone that’s why we are engineers.
•They inspire us thats why we are good leaders.
•They teach us to see dreams that’s why we are scientists.
Today on the occasion of teachers’ day, I want to thank all the teachers and not to forget our mothers because they are our first teacher.


                     Thank you.


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