Chhota baccha jaan k humko na behlana re….

Today i was having tea outside tollygunj metro station Kolkata. Its a small tea stall where u get tea in a special earthen tea pot. As it was morning time its usual to see many small kids who travel by metro for their school. While i was having tea one man with a kid came n sat besides me on the bench. I hardly looked at them and was enjoying my first tea of the day. After a minute or so the tot attracted me when he asked “Hey man, what do u do?”
My first reaction was, is he talking to me?
He repeated once again.i looked at him, he was 5/6yrs old kiddie, cute one, wearing t-shirt with bottle hanging by his neck, innocent looking but he was bold.
To tease him I inquired “I didnt get you”
To which he replied like a boss
“Im TanbEEr kumar Das and im student, what do u do?”
I chuckled and repeated in the same words “Im Qazi Arif and im a doctor”
The reply i got was amazing he told “By looking at u i understood that u r a doctor”.
I was realy surprized the way this little one was talking to me that too in english. From a kid of this age its unexpected.
By this time my tea was over but i didnt want to leave him so easily. I ordered one more tea and continued
“which class?”
This time he replied like an innocent school boy “1st B”.
The man who accompanied him added, last week he was dressed as a doctor for a school programme and afterwards he is introducing himself to every single person that ‘im Dr Das’.
But i was more interested in talking to that clever boy
“what do u want to b in future?” I inquired
Without hesitation he answered “doctor”
I asked about his school and friends.
Then thought to have a selfie with him.


I clicked one, and showed him, “Take one more” he told.
I clicked one more, he saw it and said “its ok, now im smiling in it”.


The way he was talking it was like shoaib akhtars’ bouncer one after the other.
His guardian asked me to share this pic on whatsapp while i was saving his number i typed TanbIr Kumar Das. But this made lil champ angry as i did a big mistake according to him, he objected “its TANBEER, T A N B DOUBLE E R”
It was better idea for me to change it to double B or else i had to face the consequences.
My second tea was over. While leaving i told to him “byeeee”
This time he gave me another cracker ” bbye, dont delet me from ur mind”
I couldnot believe what i was hearing from a young kid.
This young generation oh my god…
TaanbEEr this is for u smarty. After writing this i cant delet u from my mind and from others mind too.
One day I would like to see him as a great doctor in future.

Share ur such experiences about wonderful kids of this generation who clean bowled u by their smartness…


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