Syed Mohsin, BE (Mechanical), MBA(Operations)


A smart worker gets noticed fast, achieves faster career growth and is generally going to be wealthier than a hard worker. A hard worker puts in a great deal of effort or endurance to achieve a certain target. A smart worker gets the work done anyhow. He asks and cajoles other colleagues into helping him.
Consistent amount of hard work provide you ways and means of doing Smart work. When we can learn from smart workers, why re-invent the wheel? The importance of hard work in our lives is undeniable. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work. In the world of severe competition, how can YOU work smart and prove yourself. Here are 7 tips to help you become a smart worker.
1. Organize: Nothing helps you better than having a day to day work list. This may further be classified as to-do-list. Your ‘Smartphone’ is an excellent tool to organize your day to day work. There are several apps to maintain your to-do-list , you can maintain a list of tasks along with their deadlines. This will help you keep a track of progress and status of task you intend to do. Thus multitasking will make you a Smart worker.

2. First things First: Every person on this earth is blessed with a day consisting of 24 hours. Yet there are many who go on to become way more successful than others. The reason is, they keep in my ‘First things First’ approach. A smart worker knows some tasks are more important than others so he gives more importance to those tasks than others. He categorize the work as VED: Vital, Essential and Desirable. This classification will help you achieve your goals.
3. Keeps End in mind: After all it’s the end result that will matter. There are multiple ways in which a task can be achieved. Thus a reverse Engineering of the results to be achieved will be of great help. Before you begin, analyze these ways which will lead you to end result faster. But also ensure the approach chosen is also the most effective and faster way to complete the task. Spencer Johnson, the author of book “one minute manager” defines this as one minute of goal setting



6. Your phone is already Smart: Mobile apps have made working smart easier. Tools like Google drive, cloud computing, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote come to your rescue a lot. To make the best of the available apps, get used to digitizing your priorities. Automate where possible. For example, create folders in OneNote and set rules to label emails automatically. This is a one-time activity but it is well worth the effort.


7. Eat only what you can chew: Workaholics generally tends to faint faster in the longer run of life. Working hard over a period of time results in fatigue or exhaustion, which affects your efficiency and productivity. After a certain point, even performing regular tasks will take up more time than usual. So you must take up only those task which you can achieve, though stretching a bit will not be harmful.



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